One home improvement that most people think its to big to tackle be themselves they is handing dry wall, but in reality it might not be as hard as you think. When hanging dry wall and applying tape and bed you really only need a handful of tools such as putty trial, sandpaper, joint compound, scraper, tape or mesh, and As for tools, you will need a putty trial, tray, sandpaper, and joint putty, scraper, hammer, paint, thinner, patches, plaster, and a few other items to finish the task. Of course, it depends on the size of the area as to what exact tools and materials are needed.

Since we are talking about existing walls it is best to sand down the walls first and knock off any lumps, or old texture on the wall. For this you can use a sanding poll with dry wall sand paper on the end of it, or for small jobs a simple sanding block will work just fine.

If the house has a bunch of little holes in the walls you can take your mud compound in fill in the whole that are about the size of the end of one of your fingers. Anything larger than that you and will need to apply a piece of mesh over the hole and then add you mud on top. If the whole is bigger than the mesh you will need to remove and add sheet rock. A second coating of plaster is most often required, thus repeat the course of action until the hole is filled and scraped down to smoothness.

Never start drywall until you have sand down the area, smoothed out the surface, and have washed the wall, freeing the area of any dust. Furthermore, before you continue you need to be sure to check and make sure that everything has dried. You will know when you have sanded the edges enough when the edges are as smooth as a baby bottom. Remember, when sanding spend you time smoothing out the outer edges and then lightly sand the middle without going into the tape.

Now, you are ready to paint. Before you paint clear out the room and tape up all windows, room electrical plates, and be sure that everything that is not suppose to get tape is covered with plastic, paper, or tape.

If the walls are really damaged then you will need to removed the sections that are not able to be fixed and replace with new sheet rock then apply tape and mud.

Sometimes you simply cannot get away with home improvement by doing it your self. At times, you may need assistance, thus preventing deterioration is critical to save you money.

By fixing early signs of damage you can save a lot of money with a extremely cheap tape and bed repair.

I simple patch kit can fix most hole, and can stop you from having to spend serious money on expensive decorating.

After you have painted all you need to do is remove the tape if you are not going to add a second coat. After it has dried completely be sure to go back and look to see if there are any spots that need touch up.

Fixing dry wall is not hard and with a little practice you will find that you can do it faster and better.