Well today I want to speak about how companies in the mortgage industry do their marketing and lead generation. This is an art because of course their main job is to find new clients to be able to give a real estate loan. Mortgage companies can make good money for each person or family who decides to take out their new home loan through that company.

A company that is successful in the lead game is usually good at other parts of their business and often has a nice budget to work with. Not only will they have a talented team of strategic marketers working with them they will also have deep pockets to spend on all sorts of targeted advertising.

One of the first steps to take if you are serious about getting high quality mortgage loan leads and coming across professional you are going to want to set up a very professional looking webpage that represents your company and lists clearly all your services that you offer including what kind of rates you give and why people should work with your firm over others.

Make sure that with this website you have some method set up to capture potential customers email address or contact information. Offer them a free report or electronic book about mortgages in return for them signing up to your list.

There are also other ways than just a good looking website that will help your company increase your chances of getting and converting people into taking out mortgages with your firm. You can use companies like Google or Yahoo to do targeted pay per click advertising on the internet.

The reason this form of advertising to find quality leads is because you will most likely get only targeted traffic. You can also target just the region you are living in which is referred to as geographic targeting. Geo targeting is great because say you live in New York and offer mortgages there you will only get web surfers clicking on your ad that are coming from New York.

Last but not least and while we are on the topic of getting good leads on local and prospective clients for your lending business don't forget about traditional media like magazine and even good old fashioned newspapers. These can be a great way to target the market with people right in your area that may be looking for the mortgage solution that you are offering.