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The R.E.I. Revolution On The Internet
Damian Lanfranchi
Damian Lanfranchi has pioneered the R.E.I. Done-For-You Deals System, the only automated multi-media video marketing system that lets investors get deals with no work. Every week, he educates 1,000's of investors with his revolutionary techniques. 
By Damian Lanfranchi
Published on 10/6/2008
Understand it and thrive. Ignore it, get left behind. I want to make sure that you truly grasp how the internet is revolutionizing the Real Estate investing world. It's absolutely critical to the success of your business. It's something that a lot of the Real Estate investors and gurus are missing the boat on when it comes to their real estate investing website.

Today I'm in the little hillside town in Tuscany, known as Montepulciano I gotta tell ya this place is unbelievable. The whole place has been left behind in time. The garden walls are all made of giant stone and brick. The apartment walls are concrete and the floors are brick, as well. Wooden beams are exposed all over the ceilings.

The streets are all these one lane tiny roads surrounded by brick and stone on both sides with plaster peeling off the walls. It's just truly incredible. No two lane highway and no Home Depot. However when it comes to your Real Estate investing business and your investor website, there's nothing admirable or positive about being left behind in time.

In fact, if you don't keep ahead on how the Real Estate investing world is radically changing you will find yourself and your investor website left behind and without a successful business. I'm gonna show you exactly what's happening and the radical trends that are changing the way Real Estate investing is being done unlike any time before.

It's a Revolution
Understand it and thrive. Ignore it, get left behind. I want to make sure that you truly grasp how the internet is revolutionizing the Real Estate investing world. It's absolutely critical to the success of your business.

It's something that a lot of the Real Estate investors and gurus are missing the boat on when it comes to their real estate investing website. You're not gonna be one of them once you understand exactly what's happening.So, what has historically been one of the top uses for the internet ' besides gambling and pornography?

When it comes to legitimate business uses for the internet, one of the top uses has always been FINDING Real Estate!

That might come as a bit of a surprise, so I want to share a couple quotes with you. Inman News says, 'The pervasiveness of Real Estate information on the Internet has created a phenomenon in which about 20 million people are browsing home listings each month.' 20 million! And that's from June 2004.

Since 2004 that figure has gone through the roof. Yahoo Overture reported over 3 million searches for 'real estate' last month alone. All search engines combined is over eight million each month.

Alexa- the statistics company that gathers information on all websites ' says is ranked as one of the top 1,000 most visited on the entire planet. Real Estate and the internet are becoming married together.

Survey Says

An interesting and provocative survey was done by the National Association of Realtors asked Agents 'Does your company have a website?' It is reported that 87% ' almost 9 out of 10 Realtors had a web presence. Now if 90% of Realtors has a website, can you as a Real Estate investor, afford not to?

What happens in the Real Estate world affects you as an investor. They also found that 74%, after visiting the website, drove by the property. 61% walked through and 23% decided to buy the home or use the agent. According to the NAR, '77% of Americans used the internet to search for a home in 2005.' You absolutely cannot miss out on having an investor website.

Luxury Tax

Did you really think you were going to build a Real Estate empire with a business card and a phone number? An investor website is not a luxury. It's a cost of doing business as a Real Estate investor. Real Estate and the internet have been married together. You need to understand this if you're going to stay ahead of the curve.

But having any old investor website is not going to cut off. In fact, if you don't have the right kind of investor website you could do more harm than good! There's something I want to share with you. In 2000, Napster users were 20 million strong. Napster started as a little garage based company, a music sharing site and literally within a year or two, revolutionized the entire music industry.

It got so huge that the federal court created new legislation. It just became so powerful so quickly. They're still around today, still very successful, though their company's changed just a little bit.
I want to check out another phenomenon, You have to pretty much be living under a stone not to have heard of them.

MySpace is an entire community where you set up a page of yourself with personal photos, places for people to include comments, favorite videos and music. Again it's audio driven. It's multi-media driven; interactive. They now have 75 million users, with 15 million daily unique logins.

It's growing by a massive 240,000 new users per day, generating 30 billion monthly page views; over 10,000 a second!You probably heard of this one too. 'Google has agreed to buy San Bruno video-sharing site YouTube in an all-stock deal, worth about $1.65 billion.' That's absolutely enormous. Again, it's a tiny company that had a great concept. So when you see how MySpace Napster and YouTube are revolutionizing the web, you start to realize something.

These phenomenon, Napster, YouTube & MySpace were able to grow so fast why? Well, they aren't just information websites or a bunch of words on the screen. They are multi-media, audio and video driven.

They are dynamically and interactively based. They don't just display information that cause and create interaction with every visitor who stops by. Does your investor website do that?


The web has changed. The quality of your web presence = the perceived quality of your business. If somebody comes to your site and it looks cheesy, cheap, thrown together, what are they gonna think about you and your business? People use the web to show credibility.

If your investor website doesn't have cred, neither does your business.As we saw from these phenomenons, users now crave and demand a dynamic multi-media web experience. Dynamic means interactive. Multi-media is video, audio, a flash driven experience.

Unfortunately a lot of Real Estate investors are missing the boat on their investor websites. There's much more to the internet revolution than a bunch of text on a screen.

I want to drive home those three final points for you. First of all, being on the internet and having a web presence is absolutely critical. Point number two; it's not about just having a text based website anymore. Your internet users demand Web 2.0 components. That brings us to the third point.

Remember your competitors are all on the web. They all have a web presence. So you need to have a compelling answer to this question:What am I doing to leverage the power of the internet differently and more strategically than my competition?

If you don't have a compelling answer to that question right now, it's something you need to think about. Please keep coming back for updates on outsmarting your competition and getting the best deal possible. I'm committed to making sure you, your investor website and your Real Estate investment business don't get left behind!