Coupons are a good way to teach children many life skills. As you know coupons are very plentiful and easily assessable. Merchants use coupons as a way to get consumers to try new products and to bolster customer loyalty. There are many benefits to using coupons while teaching your children. Here are 7 benefits.

1. Frugality. Being frugal is a key to financial prosperity. Teaching your children how to use coupons instills in them the need to be careful with money. Money saved is money earned.

2. Learning colors. The Sunday paper is very colorful and this is where the best coupons are. Your little children will get a better grasp of their colors if they are sitting with you while you thumb through the paper. Name the different colors as you go along.

3. Managing time. Many people use day planners but learning to use them can be cumbersome. If you are clipping coupons you should have an organizer. I have used the little baseball card dividers to keep my different coupons in. Show your children how this works. This will help them learn time management skills.

4. Mathematics. Your children's math skills will really be enhanced while they learn to use coupons. Teach them to subtract the amount of the coupon from the price of products. Also they can quickly discover what deals are really deals by comparing different offers.

5. Learning to use a calendar. Couponing requires a calendar so consider getting one for each of your children. You can usually find them for free at your bank or credit union. Show your kids how to find the dates on the coupons and then in the calendar. This way your children can help you sort out coupons that are expiring.

6. Let your kids share in the savings. You can really get your kids motivated to help you by letting them share in the savings. You can then let them use their extra money for savings and things they want and need. Coupons can be found in many places and your kids will literally be creating this income for themselves.

7. Variety. Without coupons your meals can become very ordinary. Clipping coupons will expand your menu because you will be trying new products on a regular basis. Children thrive on variety as their minds can never get enough input. Take a chance and buy a few things each month you do not normally buy when you find a coupon for it. Your kids will love this.

Teaching your children with coupons will be a benefit to them and to yourself. Clipping coupons is a labor intensive process. If your kids are helping you then the job will be more enjoyable. Help the smaller ones learn their colors and teach the older ones how to make sure the coupons are really a good deal. Enjoy.