You know, the average people on the streets just about all have debts. Sometimes they have accumulated more debts than they can pay. Many times these are debts that are through no fault of their own. There are some who blindly used all the credit cards that were sent to them through the mail that they might not have even ask for. Oh, they knew the interest was high alright, but when people have credit dangled in front of there face and times get hard, they use it. Many of these people did not realize what a whole they were digging for themselves.

Then there are those who went out on a limb and bought a home and sometimes it was one that they could not really afford. When you have offers pouring in that allow you buy a home with no money down and a starting rate that is reasonable, well, who would not be tempted to have their part of the American dream? The only thing about that whole deal was that as interest rates rose, so did their payments. Smooth talking finance firms and mortgage companies wanted so badly for these people to sign on the dotted line, that they could make the adjustable rate mortgage payments not a big deal and you can always refinance later they would tell you and get a fixed rate, anything to get you to sign.

Where are all of those enthusiastic lenders when the bottom has fallen out of the economy and people are losing their jobs? Are they still there cheering you on when the interest rate on your home has climbed to 12% and even higher? People on a budget can not meet these kinds of payments that double from what they were when they bought a home. Whatever the reasons are that so many Americans are losing their, the fact remains they are.

If the government has the money to bail out all of the greedy lenders that made all of these ridiculous, and sometimes unscrupulous loans in the first place, why is there not more talk of helping bail out the American people who do not own a corporation. Would not the corporations get bailed out by the payments that borrowers sent in and caught up their payments if we could get these loans? Why are we loaning money to banks, mortgage, and insurance companies that spent their money and invested stupidly because they had no regulations either. It seems that they were just as irresponsible in their spending as any average American citizen has been, but why do they get the bail out money help and money and we do not?