A bank bag is typically a course leather or plastic bag with a zipper or closure that easily holds financial currency such as money, deposit slips and credit cards. Most financial institutions offer bank bags upon the opening of new accounts. One can request a bank bag also but there may be an optimal charge if you already have an account. Bank bags can range in size from letter size to legal envelope size so that one can accommodate all of their currency safely and efficiently.

Bank bags are usually used by medium to large sized business as an easy way to transport currency to and from the place of business to the bank or financial institution.

Back in the early 1800's, bank bags were very popular not only for the customer to deposit their money but also for the bank courier himself to transport funds from different business and then back to the bank. Burlap sacks were a common type of bank bag during this era but were not a beneficial way to separate funds and keep track of money.

There are some benefits to using a bank bag as opposed to just carrying currency or placing it into an envelope.

Using a bank bag allows you to keep all monies separate from other cash on hand. If you are making a delivery to the bank with a deposit in a plain envelope for your place of employment, then suddenly you realize that you accidently dropped the envelope into the mail, is a mistake that will cost you your job and even your credibility. This can and does happen especially if one is multi tasking and trying to get several errands finished up at the same time. If the currency is in a designated bank bag then it will be less likely that the funds will ever get lost.

The convenience of having a bank bag to just be able to securely hold funds is something that many people utilize when they go to the bank. The bank bag can easily be taken into the financial institution and no one can see what's inside, which is a great way to emphasize privacy when approaching and going into the bank.

When using a bank bag, there tends to be less confusion at the bank when one is approaching the teller. There is no digging the money out of a purse or handbag or ripping open an envelope and pulling the money out. The bank bag makes it convenient to pull out all funds that are safely stacked and placed in the bag with one quick and easy zip.