Finding bank one locations might be the easiest thing you do today. Since this is one of the more widely used banks nationwide, there almost certainly will be a bank one branch within easy driving distance of our house, and all you have to do to find the closest is check the yellow pages or the internet. It won’t take more than a minute or two.

Why is bank one such a popular bank nowadays? Quite simply, it actually is the 6th biggest bank in America today, and is a publicly traded bank listed as ONE. It was bought by JP Morgan four years ago, and therefore is no longer called bank one, which is why you might have trouble finding any info on it by doing a search with this name.

The bank first began in Ohio about 65 years ago, and while I won’t bore you wit the history and the mergers that led to what it is today, keep in mind that this is one of the bigger and more experienced banks in the country today, obviously something you want to look for when finding a bank to deal with.

Many people opt to go with the smaller, more region specific banks, but you usually are better off going with a nationwide chain, for the simple fact that they are more known, and you can know what to expect much better. It’s not a crap shoot, as it often times is with the smaller companies.

Yes, you can get better customer service with smaller banks sometimes, but often times the opposite is true as well. also, you never know how financially stable these smaller banks are, and if you aren’t careful, you could be putting your money with a bank that’s about to go out of business, as unfortunately many are nowadays.

Finding a solid, financially stable bank is always important, and you can be confident you are getting this with Bank One.

Since the company is affiliated with JP Morgan, one of the largest investing companies around the country, as you might expect, bank one now offers the ability to invest through them, in addition to personal banking, which they’ve always had.

This is an option you probably should consider if you don’t know a lot about investing, as these money managers can often times do it better than you can. One word of caution before investing through bank one, however-while many people make a lot of money letting other companies manage their money for them, these accounts tend to reflect how the market is doing as a whole, particularly if you go with mutual funds, as so many people do, in order to avoid risk.

Therefore, by putting your money with them and forgetting about it, you will probably capitalize if the market is doing well, but if it goes down, you will be in trouble.

However, I’d definitely still recommend their personal banking and other financial offers such as loans and credit cards; just find the bank one locations nearest you, head down there, and get started today.