Bank foreclosures are homes or properties that are owned by various banks, mortgage companies and other lenders. These lenders own the property as a result of foreclosure actions. When the previous owners of the home or property fell into default of their mortgage payments, the bank foreclosed on the home. These bank foreclosures are generally among the easiest and also the safest ways to buy foreclosures, especially for a beginner.

One of the main reasons that bank foreclosures are easy to buy is that you are dealing directly with the bank. The banks, obviously, are motivated to sell their foreclosed properties since the properties are not generating income or profit. Some of these banks and investors may advertise their bank foreclosures in the local classified ads or choose to sell them through a real estate agent. Their main goal in either case is a quick sale of these homes and financing of a new mortgage for a new buyer. You can generally buy bank foreclosures at a savings of 10-15% on the market value. While this is not equal to the rate you can get on some other types of foreclosures, bank foreclosures are still an easy purchase and good options for the first time buyers or beginner investors.

Another reason that bank foreclosures are easy to buy is the general absence of other judgments and liens on the property, so the investor does not have to worry. There are no back taxes to worry about, in general and you don't have to feel intimidated or guilty at having to evict either the tenants or the homeowner. The process of eviction can be unpleasant and messy and buying bank foreclosures saves you the hassle. In addition, the bank is also generally very open to letting you have access to the property and for you to conduct various inspections.

During the process of buying bank foreclosures, there is almost always room for some negotiation. You can work out a lower down payment or a lower interest rate, a reduction in the closing costs or even a discounted asking price. However, as the buyer, when you are asking for any of these, you need to be realistic in your expectations. The banks are not about to give their foreclosure properties away, at throwaway prices. They want to make some money on these properties, to recoup the losses they have incurred on the loan. There are, however, flexible lenders out there and it is in your interest to track them down when you start looking for bank foreclosures to buy. A flexible lender can get you the exact deal you want on a particular property.

It is not really that hard to find some good bank foreclosure homes. You can find reliable information by contacting a realtor. The process of locating bank foreclosures can also be facilitated by a bank foreclosure listing service and data bank, whether online or off. These listing services offer foreclosure information databases with a lot of listings in one place, making them convenient for the investor. Bank foreclosures are only one of the many types of foreclosed properties that are listed in the foreclosure data banks.