I'm going to explain some of the most common health insurance terms that you may need to know when seeking out low cost health insurance. See how many you know. These definitions may answer some of your questions about health insurance. I've found that some may help you get cheaper health insurance or low cost health insurance quotes online.

Preexisting condition. A condition in which a physical or mental condition in which any kind of medical advice is given is given to you before the date the policy takes effect. This can be a problem for many and has caused many people to be turned down. But there are still health insurance companies that will insure you at a higher rate.

Health Maintenance Organization. A Health maintenance organization is a managed care plan which has the ability to let you choose your primary care physician from a list maintained by the HMO. These directories are often out of date even though they're published annually. Before you select a physician call the office number listed to make sure they're still part of the HMO's network. I've found that doctors have moved away or left the program and still are listed two years later.

Qualified plan. This means that any claims or benefits that are paid by a qualified long-term care plan are usually not taxable as income.

Leaving you current job and medical or health insurance. If you change jobs or become unemployed you can carry your group health insurance coverage along with you to your new job. You will only be able to use the coverage for 18 months at the most. Don't wait until the last minute to get low cost health insurance coverage.

Start seeking out new coverage early if your new employer doesn't carry it or if you're unemployed. If you're unemployed you would need to buy an individual health plan or policy. You'll definitely want to look for low cost health insurance. You can easily get low cost health insurance quotes online.

Hard costs you have with an individual health insurance plan. So choose carefully:

1. Premiums. You'll have to make payments periodically whether you use any of the services or not, just like auto insurance.

2. Deductibles. You'll have to pay out of your pocket for one or more services annually before your health insurance plan will start paying for any of your medical expenses.

3. Co-payments. These are the payments you make each time you see your doctor or go to the urgency clinic or emergency room that are matched by your health care provider (HMO or PPO.)

HMO Plan and PPO Plan: If you decide to get a PPO plan the PPO plans will cost you more. Although PPO plans usually offer a wider range of doctors to choose from which may be important to you. And HMO plans usually have more restricted services than a PPO plan. If you're looking for low cost health insurance or cheaper health insurance you may want to go with the HMO plan.

Take some of these things in consideration when choosing a low cost health insurance plan. Even affordable health insurance rates can be high so you'll want to cut corners any way you can. One good way is to go to one of the sites that lets you get several quotes at once, saving you a lot of time and you can easily compare rates with health insurance quotes online.