Manor is the name of a small city east of Austin, and this small community has many noteworthy attractions. The city was settled in 1872 when it was named after its first postmaster, James Manor. Manor currently has an approximate population of 5,500, a figure which was derived from the number of utility service connections, and the city is twelve miles northeast of downtown Austin.

Manor has an area of 1.1 square miles, and in the 2000 census, there were 405 households reported, including around 289 families. 365 of the households in Manor reported children under the age of 18 living in the home, and 47% of the households included married couples. The median age of the population is 32 years, which is about average for the state of Texas. The racial makeup of Manor is quite diverse: 53% of the inhabitants report being White, while 16% claims African-American ancestry. 25% of the inhabitants report other racial backgrounds, and 48% report some Hispanic or Latino ancestry, and many of the residents are a combination of the above.

The median income for households and families is between $37,000 and $42,000, and the population has a slightly higher percentage of women than men. School students in Manor attend Manor Independent School district schools, including Red Rock Elementary, and since 30% of the population is under 18 years old, there are many students in the Manor area. The average family size in Manor is 3.54 people, with 9% of families reporting a relative over the age of 65 living in the household.

There have been numerous films and other theatrical productions filmed in the area, some as a result of the small Texas town atmosphere, such as the T.V. show "Friday Night Lights", which was partially filmed in the Manor Mustangs football field, as well as the movie" What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", which was also filmed in Manor. Due to the reasonably flat terrain and frequent tornado-prone weather conditions, parts of the movie "Twister" were filmed here as well.

Manor is a rapidly growing community, and is located on Highway 290 West fairly close to the intersection with I.H. 35. The recently built Highway 130 interchange with Highway 290 has made the city even more accessible, since State Highway 130 now traverses from I.H. 35 all the way to Highway 71 East, and is part of the new Central Texas Turnpike System, which will soon be expanded and connect even more of central Texas.

The median home value in the Manor real estate market is about $73,000 which is much less than the $200,000+ homes found in the nearby Austin real estate market. Manor is known for quiet living and a rural atmosphere, but since Manor is also strategically located near the U.S. 183 corridor, the community is very convenient for those who work in the high-tech computer industry which is centered north of Austin. In fact, the Chamber of Commerce in Manor proudly presented the Manor Chip Festival in 2007 to celebrate the computer and high tech industry as well as old-fashioned fun. The festival was held at the new High Tech High School in Manor in 2008, and proclaimed its motto to be "Let the chips fly", and featured family-oriented games and contests, some utilizing chips in the races and games.

Some popular eateries in Manor include Ramos Restaurante, a Mexican food place, and Papa Geno's Family Pizzeria, a pizza joint. There is a lovely park in the Manor area called East Metropolitan Park, which is located near U.S. 290 and the intersection with F.M. 973, and the park includes various ball fields, an 18-hole disc golf course, playscapes, ponds, concession stands, restrooms, and hiking trails. Admittance to the park is free and it is open on a daily basis, although there are nominal fees for the use of the swimming pool and certain ball fields. The park is in the process of expanding, and will eventually include even more amenities, but it currently provides all kinds of recreational opportunities for the residents of Manor and visitors alike.

Manor is an ideal place to raise a family, and is affordable, with close proximity to all areas of Travis County, especially the northeast portion of the city. Its accessibility to other metropolitan areas such as Houston and other east Texas locations is also a plus, since it is situated on Highway 290 East, yet Manor offers a small town flavor and many advantages of rural life. Manor is a worth considering if one is relocating to central Texas, and a great place to visit as well!