So, you are deciding to go for a car lease. This is could be for many reasons. Either you are going on holiday and want a reliable vehicle to cruise around in; or you are on holiday and don't want to wrestle with an indecipherable public transport system; or you need a run around for a while, but don't want to invest in a vehicle of your own; or you can't afford to buy the car of your dreams, and so have decided to rent one for while.

For me, the latter is the reason I turned to car lease, but as I have a number of cars on my 'must drive before I die' list, it has become somewhat of an obsession. I can honestly say, hand on heart that I don't think I will ever purchased another car again. I have indulged in something that has become an addiction of sorts; at first, I thought that I'd indulge myself as a treat, a one-off and get myself a Porsche for a year. Trouble is, once the year was up, I was hankering to try out a Maserati; during this time I found myself fantasising about a Lotus, and then a Ferrari. Not unlike a junkie, I have become well and truly hooked on driving cars of my dreams, and can't wait for my next fast-car fix.

Living in a certain un-nameable part of footballer's wives territory; I have the pleasure of being surrounded by car dealerships with calibre. Ready and waiting for big bucks to wander through the door, the owners of dealerships have a vast array of shiny cars of every colour lined up like pageant princesses. The gleaming wax finish reflects the sun, and each car twinkles in a way that reminds me of a game show host smile. I partly blame this display of automotive porn for my current fixation with driving cars that are often worth more than a merchant banker's Christmas bonus. Let me indulge in a couple of my favourite makes and models.

Porsche Boxter - Often considered a poor man's Porsche, with owners sometimes derided for only having one because they couldn't afford the 911, the Boxster is in fact, a jolly good car to blip about in. It beats the 911 on price, and the boot space can fit more than a bag of apples, so it is possible to argue that it is therefore 'practical'. Comfort factors of this vehicle are superb, despite the seats being overly coordinated with the rest of the interior.

Maserati Spyder - The classic shape of a Maserati screams class and comfort. The Spyder is an understated and sophisticated looking car with style; more importantly it fill other drivers with envy like the Porsche tends to. Switching from normal mode to sports brings with it an excitement I haven't felt since a Christmas spent in Lapland; it's such a treat when performance matches the expectations set by a slick design. The handling in both modes is controllable even at high speeds, and the comfort offered by the classically Italian interior will keep you held firmly in place whilst sweeping round those corners!

Lotus Elise - This car has superb handling and loves a good corner on a dry sunny day and is definitely one for lone petrol heads! The reason I say this is because the engine has a deafening sound that will leave you unable to converse with anyone else in the car. The sound though, I must admit, is a beautiful sonic picture of it's performance power. Not one for shy drivers, or inexperienced ones, but a great treat for a few months before you find your next fix of four wheel fun!