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Is There Such A Thing As Carbon Efficient Car Leasing? UK Holidays Could Be The Answer
Dominic Donaldson
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By Dominic Donaldson
Published on 10/30/2008
This article addresses the changing nature of travel in the British holiday choices. From fly drive to Hyper drive, the way we holiday is changing rapidly.

Fly-drive holidays used to be the term du jour back in the 1980's, with good ole Judith Chalmers asking us if we wished were there on Wish You Were Here? Since that decadent decade, the terms Global Warming, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Footprint have stolen pole position for over-used terms in the travel and transport industry. Travel to far flung paradises are now measured in carbon units, and it is politely bought to our notice how much recycling we'd have to do to offset our carbon consumption during European city break.

With cheap flights on offer from the likes of Easy Jet, Ryan Air and numerous other airliners (which shall remain unnamed as most of them appear to be going out of business - probably due to those new rules on carbon dioxide emissions), visitors from the UK to mainland Europe has risen sharply, and we Brits seem to have got the travel bug; and not the one responsible for the infamous Delhi Belly. The trouble is, times are changing; not only are recent economic instabilities changing the ways we can afford to travel, our self conscious is shaping our habits too.

For many people this has meant swapping a week on the Costa del Sol for a two week break in the Peak District, or a city break to Amsterdam for a cultural break in Edinburgh. Holidaying in England, especially if touring, means it is essential to have a reliable form of transport unless you are willing to endure and suffer the nation's public transport system. For green minded individuals, obviously public transport would be the better option, but it can be heinously impractical for a family of four to travel this way, especially on a long distance but short break.

Hiring a car is a sensible solution; not only does it offer the practicality of easy travel from A to B, by hiring a vehicle, you are ensuring that an y excitement from your journey is not going to be the result of having to be rescued by the AA! Car leasing in the UK is a travel solution for eco-friendly families that do not own a car and yet want to have a break and explore the country. Even for those who do own a car, deciding to lease a car will bring peace of mind and comfort.

The advantages of hiring include - a car of your choice to suit the terrain and travel you will be embarking on; a fully inspected and safe vehicle that is less likely to break down; and a vehicle that has low emissions and efficient engine. These factors are also useful if you decide to lease a car in the UK for travel abroad. With long term hire contracts available it is possible to lease a car for a year or more if you are planning to travel around Europe or even further afield. To do this, you need to arrange the correct paperwork to take with you. As well as a current driving licence, you will need to arrange a VE103R form through the lease company. This Vehicle on hire certificate is a substitute for the vehicle registration document, a copy of which a lease hire company will not part with.

By deciding to travel in a more fuel efficient vehicle from the UK, you can see the world with a reduced carbon footprint compared to the old style fly-drive holidays. This in turn ensures the planet is still there in years to come for others to see too; though whether they will be hiring a car or a space craft is anyone's guess!