Regulations have become ever tighter in our current economic environment, and some businesses have let this make them fearful about banking. Legitimate transactions that allow businesses to reduce the amount of tax they have to pay go uncompleted, due to an increased awareness of regulatory compliance and worry abut public perception of a company.

However, governments offer tax incentives as a way to attract business to their area, and the market should be allowed to reward those that offer the best deal. Not only that, your business should be allowed to take advantage of any tax breaks that are legal! Your business consultancy services can go through the possible benefits of bank account opening in another jurisdiction, or even offshore banking service.

Tax directors take it as a fact of life that different governments offer different incentives for companies, in an effort to attract certain types of business to their area. Business means employment for their constituents, and revenue for the coffers, and can mean less tax paid for your company.

If you shop around for the most competitive tax rates, your organization's ETR (effective tax rate) can be reduced considerably. If your business doesn't have an in-house financial expert, engage a business consultancy management service or an investment management service to help you decide how to manage the changes.

The first thing that your business consultancy management service will try to decide, with your help, is whether the corporate structures that have worked in the past are still appropriate. Albert Baker is a co-leader of the international tax practice, and a Vancouver based tax partner, he says "Organizations considering positioning their income streams in low tax jurisdictions must begin by reviewing their business operations and their current transaction flows".

If you involve your tax group as well as your investment management services in your business planning at the earliest possible stage, you will have a better chance of minimizing your tax obligations.

There are numerous low-tax regimes, some with incentives for specific industries but not others, both within and without the US. Canada offers incentives for business engaged in research and development, while some US states offer incentives to different types of companies. The activities you perform are a crucial part of determining where your bank account opening and general operations will attract the lowest tax obligations.

Equally important are the assets you own and develop in your business consultancy services calculating what your likely tax obligations will be.Even if you are not considering national expansion, or even a change of offices, there are other strategies your business consultancy services can advise you about, to take advantage of rules and regulations in different jurisdictions.

Contract manufacturing is an important one, and commissioned agent sales activities are another. Cost sharing can greatly help you manage your finances, while high-value information technology initiatives and shared service facilities make a vital organizational tactic for some businesses.