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Insurance Structured Settlement - Are You Entitled?
Peter Johnson
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By Peter Johnson
Published on 11/15/2008
Think you are entitled to an insurance structured settlement? The most common claims come from (1) workplace injuries, (2) car accidents and (3) faulty products. Get the low-down on making a claim to get what you deserve.

A lot of people these days are finding relief through insurance structured settlements. Every day, somebody somewhere is injured on the job, in a car accident, or by a faulty product or service. A structured insurance settlement is fundamentally a legal agreement whereby the insurance provider of an individual or organization settles with a party that has filed a claim against its insured party. In order to satisfy the claim, the insurance provider makes structured payments to the claimant, rather than one lump sum payment.

Injured On The Job?

If you've been injured on the job, you know what a betrayal it can feel like. You have essentially placed your safety in the hands of another, especially if you work in a job that has a lot of equipment involved. Though all equipment is inspected and tested, sometimes it is not enough. Only through weeks and sometimes years of use do you really see what a new piece of equipment is made of. Sometimes this results in those who use the equipment being turned into de facto guinea pigs. While it is true that no one can foresee every possible accident, the equipment manufacturer or your employer is responsible for any accidents that piece of equipment causes. If you are a victim of such an accident, you may be entitled to a structured settlement.

Car Accidents

It has been estimated that a car accident happens every four to five seconds somewhere in the world. As a result, anyone who rides in a vehicle substantially will likely be involved in one. Even if you're just a pedestrian you still have a chance of being involved. Often, symptoms from such accidents don't show up until the initial insurance process has long been dealt with. Sure, your car was fixed and any injuries were covered, but what about the strange pains you're now having? If your doctor says it was caused by the accident, chances are you'll need to get a lawyer and speak with the other driver's insurance provider about a structured settlement.

Faulty Products

Having the newest products is all the rage, there's no denying it. But are you sure that they've been properly tested? Just as some folks will wait until the initial rage has died down and all the kinks have been worked out before buying the newest electronic gadget, often it is a good idea to wait until other products have been run through the wringer before you try them for yourself. Some can't wait and take the plunge, only to find that this new product has had some sort of side effect. You can't blame these folks; new products are supposedly tested over and over again before a general market release. Well, as we all know sometimes things sneak through and someone gets hurt. Once again, a structured settlement may be called for.


If you have been wronged or injured by another party, you may want to consider a structured settlement. In most cases, the other party has an insurance provider for just such occasions and the matter will be handled. Before taking that leap however, you need to have a lawyer on your side first, someone who can navigate all the jargon and paperwork for you and determine if an insurance structured settlement is for you.