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Miles Card - How Many Miles Before You Reap?
Robert Alan
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By Robert Alan
Published on 03/9/2008
This article describes how to benefit from a miles card and expectations cardholders should have about their use.

A miles card is one of the many credit card options available for the discerning big spenders of today. A miles card definitely amounts to rewards, if utilized in the right way, but more often than not the customer ends up paying out more in finance charges and fees than they would have with a traditional card.

Ever tried figuring out the cost per mile on your miles credit card? Or does that sound like too much work? The bottom line is that you need to earn enough miles on a miles card in a year to ensure that you are not overpaying for the miles. That being the case, you would be better off utilizing a credit card that doesn't charge you an annual fee instead of those cards that come with hefty annual fees.

Know Your Miles Card

Knowing a mile's value on your miles card will help you in ways more than you can imagine, so don't ignore it! There is definitely no point in sticking with a program that offers you rewards of less than 1 mile earned per dollar purchased using the card. You also wouldn not want to fritter away any miles that you earn on your miles card for products or services that give you much less value for your money, but if your reward points are about to expire on the card then, of course, you have no choice but to use them or risk losing them.

Using the Miles on your Miles Credit Card

The first rule of the 'miles' game is to accumulate miles aggressively on your miles credit card. The second is obviously to utilize the miles accumulated on your miles credit card before the expiration date. If you cannot help the soon-to-expire miles on your miles credit card then get them converted into an award certificate, which will extend your decision time by about a year.

Miles Credit Cards... Double the Pleasure

Sometimes, miles credit cards can earn you double miles for a single transaction. For example, there might be a rewards network affiliated to the miles credit card that you are using, such as the American Express Membership Rewards program. By utilizing merchants or vendors within the affiliated network, you can earn extra miles every time you shop or dine at a merchant within the network.

If you're accumulating miles aggressively by utilizing the card for as many purchase items as possible, whether it be large expense items or incidental ones, and then of course paying off those monthly card balances diligently every month, you can maximize the return on your use of miles credit cards. The strategies mentioned above should significantly aid you
in this endeavor. Treat your miles like your money, and you are sure to reap the benefits.