At first glance Unselfish wealth might look to you like the same old lame multilevel marketing scam but look closer and you will see that there are some major differences that set Unselfish Wealth apart from everything else you have ever seen. Read on and I will explain why the old multilevel marketing approach does not work anymore and why our new approach does.

Chances are you have tried to promote a multilevel marketing company and had very limited success. You are told by your sponsor that if you get in now you will receive a massive "spillover" of new paying members in your downline. So you sign up only to get very few if any spillover members and the ones you do get only pay you a dollar or two per month each. But you are a hard worker so you try hard to promote it online but get little to no results. Your sponsor then tells you "just get out there and do more advertising" or "buy some leads from the company and start calling people". You try all of this but still cannot bring in enough new members to break even on your monthly costs. Soon what little downline you had drops out because they are not making any money either.

Unselfish Wealth has solved this problem permanently by limiting the number of personal recruits to four. If a member brings in any more members after that, those members go beneath their four front line members who then get paid a $20 fast start bonus because the system assigns them as personally sponsored recruits.
But why would your sponsor keep promoting only to give the fast start bonuses away? Because when his or her four get their four, he or she gets a 100% matching bonus on each of their four first level members. So it creates a vested interest between new members and their upline sponsor. Your sponsor can not make big money unless you are getting paid. And there are more matching bonuses you can qualify for after that too so it really is a great paying system.

What is the product? Unselfish wealth is a team building system for Travelencia, a great program where you can get the best deals on any type of travel or vacation package. This includes the lowest prices on airline tickets, hotels, condo's car rentals and much more. And Travelencia offers all of their members up to $5000 vacation financing with no credit check and no employment check. Travelencia is the first to offer such an incredible deal and with savings of up to seventy five percent you will recover your cost the first time you use Travelencia to take your family on a vacation.

In closing Unselfish Wealth is set up so that the heavy hitters can not possibly hog all the money because if you are not successful then they are not successful. Take the free tour of Unselfish wealth or just read more about it at the links below.