Fundraising is a perfect way for churches to support missions and programs. However, most churches organize fundraising events with volunteers who have little or no experience at raising money in any type of setting. A little innovative thinking on the fundraiser’s part and some teamwork is everything you need for successful church fundraising programs. One such fun and profitable idea is selling cookie dough. If you ever need to raise funds for your church, remember there is no better fundraiser than cookie dough, because everyone loves cookies, and often most people don’t have the time to make the dough themselves.

From the host of fundraising programs, cookie dough fundraising has always shown a great potential for profits. If you prepare a cookie dough fundraiser once or twice a month and sell it to the congregation, you will soon discover why cookie dough enjoys a distinct advantage over other types of fundraising activities.

With little or no call for expenses from your own pocket, it helps you to enjoy a major part of profit at minimum time. Such fundraisers will surely earn you between 30-60% profit against the base price and there is always a greater chance of repeat fundraising year after year.

Cookie dough sales do not normally require the organization to pay anything up front to the company. So usually, you will have no up front cost.

Cookie Dough Advantages

~ People love cookie dough. With a wide variety of dough’s available, your buyers can buy custom dough for each member of the family.

~ Here you usually do not have any up front costs. Get your volunteers to buy some dough and increase your profits even higher.

~ Profits are kept when you send in the order. This allows your church to begin utilizing the funds for your ministries immediately.

Remember, you will need to have a scheduled delivery day and time. Your dough will need to be immediately frozen and delivered as soon as possible.

Let’s Sum Up

So, as a refresher, if you are thinking of investing your time and effort in a fundraiser, give some consideration to the cookie dough fundraiser. It provides great returns and gives you a chance to have fun and boost morale among your congregation.

Another advantage of fundraising that is often taken for granted is the fact that fundraising draws your group together with the effort of working together for a mutual goal. In the excitement, work, competition, and satisfaction of a fundraiser, you will find that your group will become a team that functions well together. Fundraising not only supplies the church’s needs for financial support, but it also results in a sense of unity among the congregation or fundraising team.

So give the cookie dough fundraiser a try and have fun watching the revenue come in. Just remember to be organized, thorough, and to have fun. If you make an effort to do these things, your stress-level will rapidly decrease and you will find that the fundraiser will run much more smoothly.