When an individual feels that they are so far in debt that there is no way out, they may look to a debt management company to help them find a solution. This is because a debt management company provides their clients with a number of options to help them get themselves back on track.

For example, the debt management company may offer a service in which they negotiate the debt with the creditors. This means putting a freeze on interest rates, negotiating a lower payment, and even lowering the amount of the debt. This can save an individual a lot of money and help them get out of their debt faster so that they can start over when the program is finished.

Debt consolidation

Another service that is offered is debt consolidation. This is where you take out a loan that pays off all of your unsecured debt for you. Unsecured debt is that debt in which collateral is not used to secure the loan. For example, a bank may require a car be put up as collateral on a personal loan. This insures the loan because the bank can take possession of that car to recover the money that they would lose if you were to default on the loan. That is why you cannot include secured debt in a debt consolidation loan or any sort of debt management.

The reason why unsecured debt is allowed is because the creditor will be at a great loss if you do not pay the debt or you file bankruptcy. Through a debt consolidation loan, you are given the loan and you use that money to pay off your creditors. It is then that you have just the one loan payment. That payment can actually save you money on interest and can be less than what your individual debts were costing you each month.

Credit counseling

It is usually called credit counseling when the debt management company has to negotiate with the creditors. Now this is where you may see an adverse effect on your credit score. However, the adverse effect is not as severe as it would be if you filed bankruptcy.

You can expect to be in a credit counseling program for a period of up to three years. The debt management company talks to your creditors and negotiates certain terms with them. For example, the debt management company says to them, "If you do not agree to these terms, this person will file bankruptcy and you'll get nothing." The creditor would much rather get something than nothing at all, so they will negotiate lower rates, lower interest, and any other terms that you have discussed with the debt management company.

When it is over

The debt consolidation loan is rather simple because you take out the loan and make your payments to pay off the debt. But it is the credit counseling aspect that requires some time. Negotiating lower payments and lower interest is not something that comes without consequence. If it did, then it would be too good to be true.

When the program is over, you will have to work on rebuilding your credit. This can be done by simply charging on one credit card and paying it off before your due date each month. Making payments before your due date is important because many creditors take up to 48 hours to post a payment and that can still result in a late fee. Nevertheless, you can have your credit rebuilt and you can ensure that you don't fall in the credit trap ever again. That way you can keep your credit score intact.