Many travelers ponder whether or not getting travel insurance is a necessary expense that they should shell out to protect them for a scheduled trip. Some travel insurance plans can be pretty pricey, and the fact that you may not even have to use it makes potential travelers leery about purchasing extra protection.

To determine whether or not investing in travel insurance is the right move, you need to be aware of what is covered under the typical travel insurance plan. Keep in mind that each individual plan from separate providers will be different, so each plan should be examined thoroughly before making a final decision on purchasing a plan, but here are a few key elements that should be present in most standard travel insurance plans.

Trip Cancellation

This is probably the biggest reason of all to get travel insurance, whether any unforeseen circumstance arises or not – the piece of mind that you'll have when you know you are protected is enough for a lot of people to shell out the money. Unexpected things happen every day that could possibly have a serious impact on your travels – sudden illness, a death in the family or an act of god (tornado, earthquake, etc.) could all cause you to cancel or delay your trip. If you had purchased a travel package or non-refundable tickets you could conceivably be out quite a bit of money, but with the purchase of a travel insurance plan you could be protected for at least the majority of the cost of your trip.

Medical Expenses

Many medical providers don't cover expenses incurred on international travel, with the purchase of an appropriate travel insurance plan you and your fellow travelers could be covered for most emergency medical treatments while on vacation due to accidents illnesses or other injuries. Emergency medical care costs can very easily run into the thousands of dollars, so if your regular insurance provider won't extend coverage during travel or if you don't have a regular medical insurance provider, travel insurance that covers medical expenses can be a necessity.

Lost or Delayed Baggage

Most travel insurance plans provide reimbursement for necessities like clothing and toiletries in the event that your bags are lost or delayed. This can be especially important to those travelers who have plans or business meeting shortly after they are scheduled to land. Rather than worry about what they are going to do in order to get ready for whatever their schedule has in store for them, travelers can quickly get the items they need and feel secure that they will be reimbursed for their purchases.

Accommodations Incurred during Unexpected Delays

If your trip is delayed due to an illness or injury to yourself or a travel companion, or for any number of other unexpected reasons covered by your selected plan you may be eligible for reimbursement for accommodations and expenses for other necessities during your extended stay.

Depending upon what company you choose to go with and which level of coverage you decide to opt for there may be many other ways to customize the coverage to suit your particular needs.

If you've never had a single problem on a business trip or vacation and you feel totally confident that your future travels will all go off without a hitch then you don't necessarily need to purchase travelers insurance, but if you want the piece of mind that you'll be protected against many of the unfortunately and unforeseeable problems that could occur and inhibit your travels then purchasing a plan is a sound investment. It may not be something that you'll have to use, but if you need it you'll be very grateful that it's there.