A tax lien attaches to property and is used by the government to ensure that they are paid any taxes that they are owed. It attaches to real estate as well as personal property you own now or acquire in the future. It ensures that you pay any taxes that you owe. The result of this action on your property can have a devastating effect on all aspects of your life.

The property or home on which you are paying your monthly mortgage payment effectively becomes the property of the government when a lien is placed on it. You will not be able to sell or refinance your mortgage without paying the taxes that are owed. You may also be forced to sell your home to pay off the taxes and end up without the home that you have worked for your entire life. This is the cause of a great deal of distress for folks who are facing difficulties with the IRS or state authorities.

There are ways to have a tax lien lifted on your property, but you will have to work with the Internal Revenue Service to negotiate this agreement. A good Enrolled Agent, CPA or tax attorney can help you remove the liens on your property and allow you to begin to pay back the money that is owed. The government, at times, makes it virtually impossible for a home owner or taxpayer to straighten out their delinquent taxes without facing devastating consequences. Having an expert on your side can help you find the solutions that will work for you and your family.

A tax lien may only be the start of the actions that the IRS takes against you. The government can also levy your paycheck, Social Security or retirement check and bank accounts making it difficult for you to support your family or ever pay back the debt that you have accumulated. This is where a representative will be able to negotiate a deal for you with the government that allows you to repay the money that you owe in a way that still allows you to live your life.

A good Enrolled Agent, CPA or tax attorney may be able to work out an Offer in Compromise settlement with the government that could allow you to pay back only a fraction of your tax debt. There are many options that are not familiar to the general public that you can use to get the relief that you need. The government is not eager for you to learn of these methods, but there are tax representatives and attorneys available that will be able to assist you in finding the right financial solution to your tax problems.

Many people have faced devastating consequences of having a tax lien placed against their property. If you take the time to find the right representative for your case, you will be able to have this claim lifted and your property back in your hands once again. Don’t try to handle the IRS on your own. There are many Enrolled Agents, CPAs and attorneys that are ready and able to help you today when you choose the right representative.