There are a lot of things that get better with age. A good wine. A fine cheese. And your driving skills. There are a lot of benefits that come from being a mature driver. Isn't it time you started taking advantage of them?

Before you can really discuss the benefits of being a mature driver it's important that you first understand what, exactly, a mature driver is. No, it's not someone who manages not to act like a sixteen year old stuck behind the wheel of Grease Lightening and told to see how fast they could go (although that IS important!). A mature driver is one who has years of experience behind the wheel, is nearing (or past) retirement age, and is ready to reap the benefits that come with age.

First and foremost, mature drivers with good vision and hearing can usually enjoy a 55 and older discount on their car insurance rates. Car insurance providers like to reward loyalty by encouraging their customers to stick with them for the long term. More importantly, car insurance providers like to reward good driving skills. If you've made it to retirement without killing yourself behind the wheel of a car you're obviously doing something right!

Statistics show that we tend to drive better as we age. The crash rate for mature drivers is considerably lower than it is for teens and young adults, due in part to advanced driving skills and experience in handling the various sitations that we'll encounter along the way and in part to eh fact that as we age we tend to be more willing to make accommodations for our own limitations. For example, if you suffer from night blindness you're more likely to restrict your driving time to the daylight than you were when you were a teen bound and determined to live the nightlife!

As you near and/or pass your retirement date you're also more likely to stay home when weather conditions are poor unless you absolutely have to go out and to avoid the pleasure of rush hour (let's hear it for saying goodbye to the morning commute!). Most importantly, you're going to be spending less time on the road and more time doing the things you want to do. Less time on the road equals fewer accidents, which translates into cheaper car insurance!

As a mature driver nearing or past retirement you might also be eligible for other driver related savings as well. Some states offer discounts to their retirees on their car registration fees (Pennsylvania, for one), and you may be able to take driver's improvement courses through AAA and the AARP to boost your driving score (yes, the DMV is keeping track-with points and everything!) and lower your insurance costs.

You knew retirement was going to be great. Now getting out of the rat race and enjoying life as a "mature" driver (i.e. retired!) comes with some fiscal benefits as well, helping you put more money back in your pocket to enjoy all the things retirement was meant for.