When obtaining cheap car insurance quotes it is most time and cost effective to use a specialist website. One that can easily give you access to the marketplace from which to gain the best range of cheap car insurance quotes.

It is best to use an independent specialist website that can offer a wide range of car insurance suppliers, including the top providers. Then you simply enter your details the once and the results are available in a matter of minutes. The information can then be assembled in a format that best suits your needs, saved and accessed later at any time and with no cost to you.

When reviewing the cheap car insurance quotes, it is prudent to read carefully the contents of the cover provided to avoid nasty surprises later, the inconvenience of not having a free courtesy car should your vehicle be in the garage for repair after an accident, or not having free repair of a windscreen. It is also wise to take into consideration that certain factors can influence the price of the policy. Motoring convictions and accidents within the last five years, plus the lack of a no claims discount can all add to the price.

You should also be aware that the method of payment you chose often affects the price. It is cheaper to pay an insurance premium annually rather than monthly, as there is frequently a surcharge for making payments by instalments. You should also be alert to the fact that the means with which you pay can also affect the price. There maybe a fee if you pay by credit card rather than debit card but you can be assured that any payment on-line using this specialist website will be secure. Alternatively, there is always payment by cheque, but that can mean that the insurance cover will not start until the cheque has cleared.

It is possible to alter the price of cheap car insurance quotes by increasing the amount of excess you are prepared to pay should you make a claim. By increasing, the excess amount from £50.00 to £500.00 can reduce the premium considerably. The age and sex of the driver is also a contributing factor to the price. Should you require cheap car insurance quotes for a specified section of the population, such as women drivers or young drivers, then using this specialist website has great advantages. Simply set the criteria to reflect the type of driver and the website, with its comprehensive range of insurance suppliers, will provide results from the most competitive insurance providers, allowing you to select the best deal.

The ability to retrieve information and alter details with ease on this specialist website is effortless and saves so much precious time. It is simplicity itself to compare equally the price and features of the cheap car insurance quotes. Then when a decision is made, you can just purchase the chosen car insurance policy without having to re-enter any of the details. There is also the assurance that the information provided by this specialist website is impartial, allowing you to make an informed decision when choosing between the cheap car insurance quotes.