Comparing credit repair services isn't easy. Contrasting the quality of services provided by a variety of credit repair companies is no simple chore to begin with and then when you take into account the fact that a small percentage of people know very much about credit improvement in the first place, it is plain to see why so many people have a difficult time making an educated choice about which company to sign up with.

Combine this with the volumes of bad information floating around about credit repair services and the decision of which credit repair option to select becomes even more confusing. No longer is it just about choosing a company, there is the new element of choosing whether to sign up with a credit repair company at all. So afraid of becoming a victim of a credit repair scam, many consumers instead opt to do nothing about their poor credit.

But for those who do realize that the legitimate credit repair companies really are able to help people, something that the many people who have successfully and permanently improved their credit reports with the help of a credit repair service can vouch for, the sole challenge becomes figuring out out which company to trust. As would be expected, each company claims to be the best choice so, trying to find unbiased information to base their decision off of, many look to credit repair review sites as well as websites listing company complaints.

This may appear to be a good practice, but as many people have noticed, rarely are these reviews sites unbiased. Websites like and are most likely maintained by the same companies they endorse, and sites like and are owned by affiliates of the companies they have reviewed so if you click through the links on their site and sign up with one of the services they have listed, they will get paid for the sale. Now, this is not to say that the  reviews on these sites have no value, but you need to bear in mind that they are probably weighted towards the affiliate offer that pays out the most.

Also keep in mind that this bias doesn't only apply to reviews sites that have good things to say about credit repair companies. You also need to think about the origin of complaints on sites such as RipOffReport and the BBB. Often times these reports come from competing companies, unhappy customers who distort the facts, or potentially from the website owners themselves. RipOffReport has been accused multiple times of posting inaccurate or embellished negative information about companies which for them is a very lucrative model since they have been known to charge companies $50,000 or more to clean up these damaging listings.

So instead of relying on what may very well be false credit repair reviews, it is worth the effort to education yourself about the services credit repair companies provide. Then, set aside an afternoon to call a number of credit repair companies so you can get a feel for how responsive they are and how professionally they handle themselves.