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Unusual types of insurance
Jennifer Adams
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By Jennifer Adams
Published on 11/19/2010
Insurance is important to ensure that you and your belongings are looked after in the event of an accident. However, there are some types of insurance that are a little odder than some.

Unusual types of insurance
These days people like to make sure that the important things in their life are insured. From life insurance, pet insurance and home insurance, being covered gives you piece of mind. However, putting the normal types of insurance aside, there are some insurance policies that are a little odd.

One of the strangest types of insurance is alien abduction insurance. The insurance policy can be cashed in if the insured person can prove that that they were in fact abducted by aliens. While it may seems difficult for the person to prove that they were abducted by aliens, around 20,000 people are said to have alien abduction insurance, and insurance companies have actually had to pay out to people who have been able to prove they were abducted.

Another form of insurance which may be hard to claim on is Immaculate Conception insurance. This insurance will pay the insured person if it is proven that the father of their child is God. The money is also designed to cover the costs the women would need to pay for raising the son of God single handed.

One form of insurance which should be relatively easy to prove that you actually need to the insurance money is ransom insurance. This insurance is designed to pay any random money that kidnappers should request in the event that you are kidnapped. This is designed to ensure that families can pay to get their loved ones back, no matter what their financial situation.

If you have a large wine collection, you may consider taking out wine-collection insurance. This could cover you against a number of things including bottles spontaneously popping and breaking other bottles, breakages and the bottles losing their value, if something like a fire or the firemen damaged the labels on the bottles.

Finally, if you have a body part that your career depends on, it may be a good idea to get it insured. Many celebrities have essential body parts insured to ensure that they still have money should something happen to them. Models like Hedi Klum and singers like Rihanna have their legs insured, because they feel that they are vital to their career.

While you may not consider looking into the above mentioned examples of slightly stranger insurance, it is important to be covered for the more everyday things, such as pet insurance, house insurance and car insurance.

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