I wonder if the word secluded could be applied to someone without a cell phone in the modern world. I think I can do without my purse, but not without my cell phone! And with the development of modern technology, there comes every few years, or even few months a new design of cell phone with new features or functions. To advance with the times, in this sense, it can prove quite impractical and difficult. But still some major functions can be found on almost every cell phone, including mine. The most conspicuous function of my cell phone is of course the one of telephone. Besides, texting is also an active function of it. I think these two are the most basic functions of cell phones. And armed with these two functions, I¡¯m literally connected to the world. In addition, my phone also supports many other services, one of which is Internet. Perhaps when you see me looking at my phone, most of the times, I¡¯m not texting, but surfing the Internet. This function makes my life much easier. I can check my email, play games and search for information. Then my phone also serves as a small yet effective camera. Without having to tote my real camera everywhere, I can now picture every time I want. Though with not so high pixels, it suffices to meet my everyday needs. Then comes the MP3 player function. Now it¡¯s common to it on cell phones. I can listen to music on the bus, on the road or just when I¡¯m bored. It makes my MP3 redundant. The thing is the quality of sounds it produces is not bad at all. There are also Bluetooth, radio and other functions in my phone. It¡¯s small and compact with all these functions in one. Whether for practicability entertainment or fashion, it qualifies as a modern piece of gadget called cell phone.