What do you feel when the dawn breaks. Is it a brand-new day to you or just another day which is just the same as yesterday and the day before yesterday?
Life, sadly, can not satisfy you every day by bringing you all the joy and luck, as the wishes on cards from your friends. Life's pendulum swings back and forth between pleasure and pain, sadness and happiness, and to most people, the time the pendulum spends on staying in joy is far shorter than that in sorrow. To this fact people react in different ways. Some of them are just knocked down by hardship. Every day when they have to drag themselves out of bed, since there is a adelomorphic burden pressing him on the shoulders, too heavy for her to bear. “Another dull day.” They tell themselves when looking at the languish face in the mirror. They’ve already forgotten how to smile, no matter how hard they try. They go to work, wearing their masks.
It’s easy to become a person like the ones I’ve mentioned above, since it does not take any effort. When they see the wonderful designer items behind the shop window, what they do is just sigh and leave. If you are one of them, you may envy those who look rather happy on your way to work. You blame life to be so unfair. While you may not have thought what those people are probably going through. They may have to carry a burden as heavy as yours.
Difficulties could have made you a better person and understand the true value of life. Wise people try to find a window when God closes the door. They surely dream about owning the luxurious handbags behind the window, but they figure out something better for themselves – the replica versions of the original models, since they are almost as good. So they get the beautiful handbags and thus confidence and joy. When changes and hopes come into life, there’s nothing that can take you down.
The quality of life depends on which kind of person you choose to become. If you are of the latter type, what you see on the way to work will be the flowers on both sides of the streets, the sunshine scattered on your shoulders and all the smiles on the faces of the passers-by. Just take your great replica handbags and say good morning to the beautiful world.

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