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Cheaper car loans thanks to novated leasing
Adam Reedy
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By Adam Reedy
Published on 01/28/2011
Novated lease is definitely a different way to finance your car and a way to save you money, now all you need to do is agree on which car or vehicle to purchase!

Cheaper car loans thanks to novated leasing
When we decide to purchase a new car, be it a new family car, or a replacement for an old vehicle, we always come across the headaches of firstly choosing exactly which is our preferred model, weighing up the pros and cons of so many makes, trying to ignore biased sales pitches, and secondly, how to afford the payments for the car.

The majority of people will choose to finance their purchase over a certain amount of years, making monthly payments that are affordable to their particular financial status. These loans are available again from an enormous amount of companies on line as well as in the high street, and it is often difficult to decide which really the best option for you is. You find yourself surrounded by sales pitches and huge numbers of websites, all claiming to give you the best deal, but which really gives you the best deal when it comes to car finance?

Fincar are one of Australia's most highly recommended private, non biased, car finance companies, who will help you choose the best repayment scheme for you, their comprehensive website having an on line finance calculator as well as cheap car loan thanks to their new novated lease scheme. The novated lease scheme explained: The novated lease scheme can be used for purchasing a private or business or personal vehicle, and is a three way agreement between yourself, your company for whom you work and the car finance company.

So how does this work? And how does it save you money. The answer is quite simple, your company agrees to make the payments from your pre tax salary, this saving sometimes a surprising amount on monthly repayments. On the web site you will find a novated scheme repayment calculator, and of course Fincar have a hot line with staff ready to attend to all your needs and clear up any doubts you may have.


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