In Christmas, it would be brilliant to choose video console as the perfect gift for game fans. Nowadays, HDTV or blue light technology is widely used in console application. This article may provide you the solution to pick up the right console from PS3, XBOX and Wii machines.   Tips to choose PS3 Blue-light PS3 applies HDMI 1080P and high image quality to attract players. There are two kinds of storage types, 60GB and 40GB. User could choose as per the specific demand. In addition, PS3 adds the wireless network connection and memory reader. One tip we should notice is that any edition of PS3 supports the voltage standard of 200V-110V, and the machine does not contain HDMI wires. Furthermore, giant ISO file download may be restrained by the network speed. It would be fashionable to use such leading blue-light PS3 to play HD movies.   Tips to choose XBOX XBOX could be with equivalent functions, or even image quality in many games could exceed PS3. It applies the ordinary DVD disk, and many XBOX games could be run on D9 disk, so the machine price can be much lower. We should notice that there is difference on voltage for ordinary edition and Japanese edition. The VGA standard is available for HDTV mode. If you want to buy XBOX, you should notice some tiny flaws like triple red-lights. It is caused by heating GPU mode. However, such parts could be soundly fixed and ignored.   Tips to choose Wii When it comes to Wii, we may understand that it is without luxurious image but the totally new operation style. Wii could allow the users to play tennis when sitting on the comfortable sofa. It is not doubt that it could be the video console with greatest fun. Recently, many users may use Wii keys to support the reading of optional disks. When choosing the Wii key, we should notice that it is with 6 direct welding points. After getting the IC, you should try to change it immediately to prevent illegal copy.   The author is a copywriter concentrating on discount manolo blahnik shoes. Commments and questions are welcomed,