With the rapid development of science and technology, timepieces, the tool of timekeeper simply in the past, are the combination of various techniques revealing strong functionalities and following the most chic trend in recent years.

Along with the tremendous success of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, ADR Studio’s conception of iWatch came into being to catch up with the strategy of “iProduct”, which have achieved success through their unique idea. The iPhone-liked watches are characterized with LCD touchscreen just as the conception of its predecessors. One of the highlights of the watch is to sync with your iPhone or iPad, but I suppose one of the most amazing functions is that the watches are inlaid the projector which is extremely awesome to show the pictures in your device.

As for the blind, it is hard for them to know the exact time from looking the timepieces, so here is the one, a terrifically surreal-looking watch, coming into being. There are small dots and rotating three-dimensional rings to allow the blind to touch by their fingers and then to know the time correctly without any help of others. This design adopts the rules of Braille numeration perfectly. Of course, this device is easy to be damaged; hence, a removable membrane is fixed to protect the surface from being destroyed. As far as I am concerned, it is not only a watch for the blind to assist their daily life but also a collection for everyone for its super realism design.