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The business of rent & sake in dubaithe business of rent & sake in dubai
milanbaros kinan
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By milanbaros kinan
Published on 04/11/2011
To rent in Dubai is the first and foremost concern of the expatriates and they can get a good deal if they move forward for the search of rent properties Dubai and property for sale in Dubai with the help of experienced real estate agents.

The business of rent & sake in dubaithe business of rent & sake in dubai
Shifting to settle down in to a strange state is nerve-racking task, especially locating a flat or apartment on rent is even more difficult. The number of Dubai's overseas inhabitants is progressively enhancing and demand to rent properties Dubai is very soaring up which is ultimately increasing the value of rent in Dubai. In Dubai, the tenants spend almost 30% or in some cases even more of their earnings on rent and house maintenance expenses. The expatriates are normally inclined towards rental properties as they have jobs and are not sure of their stay on the permanent basis, but the rent certainly costs much higher to them. In order to keep such matters under control and to relieve the paying guests, the government has imposed the limit of 7% in rent on annually.


When you take up the hold of rental flat or apartment, normally, the house allowances are included in the overall rental package. In the current times, the people who have sponsorship of the companies normally pay a certain percentage of the total expenses, but it varies from company to company.


The security deposit is a must in renting a place and it is refunded when you vacant the rental place and it is in fine state; otherwise, the landlord may deduct the amount for the repairs of the damages. When you rent properties Dubai, you are supposed to confirm all the possible and potential charges beforehand as they might be a trouble for you in future as the time advances. The other expenses include parking fees, municipality fee, monthly maintenance and service fee. In addition, there is a commission of the real estate agent as well if you have hired the services of any real estate agency. The renters are not permitted to perform any modifications to the house structure at all without the prior consent of the owner of the place.


The rent in Dubai is available for short term as well as long term. The short term is for at least up to six months and the long term is at least for a year. When you are renting the property, you need to have a good amount of money with you because in Dubai, the rent is paid in advance. If you are taking a place for a year, then you are needed to pay for the first six months immediately and for the rest of the amount you can issue a post-dated check. On the other hand, for a short term, you have to pay the complete rent in advance.

If you are searching to rent properties Dubai like rent villas in Dubai and apartments, then it may seem a bit difficult to rent in Dubai as the laws in Dubai are very strict and you may get stuck with the legal procedures. Similarly, in case of finding property for sale in Dubai, you are supposed to take help of the real estate services because they know it very well and will get you the best bargain for apartments, flats and villas Dubai.