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Real estate guide - is it good time to buy real estate?
Frank Martin
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By Frank Martin
Published on 04/21/2011
If you are going to buy real estate, it is better for you to know the condition of the mortgage market and the state of property sales in the country.

Real estate guide - is it good time to buy real estate?
The real estate sales had risen a little in January of 2011 as per the reports produced by the National Association of Realtors. The sales of existing homes rose by 2.7% to a seasonally adjusted annual percentage rate of 5.36 million units, from that of a downwardly revised 5.22 million in December, 2010 and it also up by 5.3% over the last year.

Real estate guide

If you want to buy property, you will be able to find various real estate guide directories in different sites – directories on the real estate properties, the real estate lenders, and information on buying and also selling property. You might also be able to find some real estate agents from the directories of some sites who may be able to guide you in buying your real estate property.

However, it is also important for you to know if the mortgage market is good enough for you to buy or sell your property. What the prospective buyers should first know is, whether or not owning a home at all makes any kind of sense for him or her. According to the real estate guide reports, most of the markets including the mortgage market and the sale of property in America have started to look up after the recession from the end of 2010. So, the market watchers are of the view that the home sales will almost remain flat throughout this year. They also opine that the market might start to rebound within 2012.

In some of the parts of the nation, the real estate prices have been cut down by half in the last 5 years. As a result, the first-time home buyers have had more affordable choices. The situation is still, more or less same now and so people going to buy houses can do that immediately. Until the job market recovers totally, the housing prices may not increase much. Moreover, the mortgage interstate rates are still considerably low and are going to hover around 5%.

On the other hand, it is the worse time for the property sellers. The housing prices are so low that the sellers won’t be able to gain many profits from selling off their property. This has been posing as a huge problem for the sellers, especially those who had or are now trying to short sell their homes.
In order to stimulate the buying and selling of homes, the federal government is likely to keep the interest rates in check throughout the year. As for the investors, if you are thinking of investing in the US real estate market, it is really important for you to consider the economic condition, the political condition and the social condition of the country.