April 29, the average official Kate from Cinderella into a Princess, Some people say, "Not every Cinderella can be 'gray'." Ask what is the secret of Kate captured the Prince William heart? A decade of love long distance running? Or a gentle disposition, Xiao Bian take you to the Party Dresses of Kate and William look for the answer!

Prince William and Kate wedding unprecedented century, the entire wedding has a very fine details, carefully selected wedding Princess Kate, her gentle smile and wave every time she is to make people feel extraordinary temperament, exquisite wedding cake details, each one carving was amazing! Learn the details of the princess to win, maybe you can change the Princess Cinderella. After years of long-distance love, Prince William and girlfriend Kate finally walked into the wedding hall Middleton it! They became engaged in 2010 when Prince William will be used late mother Princess Diana's engagement ring given to Kate, and their wedding will be April 29, 2011 was held in Westminster Abbey. Prince William, second heir to the British throne and his mother Princess Diana as the legendary life, so that the wedding attracted much attention, it would be following Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana's century-style "fairy tale wedding", the British royal family to the biggest event in 30 years!

April 29, 2011, there was a wedding will attract the eyes of the world that day, Prince William Kate Middleton will work together to get married. This is the envy of many a pair of newcomers, their royal titles and the whole wedding is undoubtedly quite Aspect. And we have woven in the heart that carries forward the long-standing dream of prince and princess came to the United Kingdom, have been here to look for a staged romantic scenes. Listen! Birds sang loudly to praise the joy of love.

This is the first English poet Edmund Spenser phonological beautiful" Wedding Song "as if to bring us to the Vintage Wedding Dresses of England Renaissance Studios . When Love's fate continues along the track of the time, you know there is always a life among the sacred and solemn occasion, it will be with you and happiness later in life, took your longing and hoping for love, lead you into a new journey. Whether you're a frog prince, or Snow White, then the face will flush all suffused with happiness, heart full of thousands of words wrapped.