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Many wonderful moment
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Published on 05/30/2011
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Many wonderful moment
Many wonderful moment
Before the wedding the bride must look forward to the many wonderful moment of their wedding dress, but exactly how to choose the wedding dress, Which is suitable for your wedding is to let them have a headache, the following 10 tips on how to choose the wedding help You solve this problem!
1. Summer Wedding Dresses
Whether your wedding is a solemn, casual, or somewhere in between, and must ensure that your wedding is commensurate.
2. choose the right wedding studio
First make a reasonable plan, to determine the grade of the bridal salon in which you were to purchase, so you do not want in your wedding without wasting a lot of time.
3. Discount Wedding Dresses
This may be the first time you wear the fancy wedding, you need to try as many different styles, so you will know which style is best for you.
4. try to go their own wedding dress
Wearing no underwear and comfortable with loose clothing and bring a pair of high heels, this time to try on the dress will be very convenient.
5. Do not buy a lot of people go
Just need to find one or two friends can accompany you to the streets, because if a lot of people go with you if you disagree, you will know what to do.
6. Value for money
Natural fabrics, such as: silk products will be very expensive, but it can make your skin breathe freely, and make you feel very comfortable.
7. to try to save
If you choose the high quality wedding, we must choose simple style, by wearing jewelry to be modified, this can save costs.
8. Simple Wedding Dresses
Best to customize your wedding to the current figure, if the weight does drop, allowing designers to modify the look, would be very fit.
9. try on wedding
Wear on top of yarn, necklace and shoes and all the accessories, take a look at whether the co-ordination with your wedding? Try to sit down, Arm Lift, bend over, hugged and rotation, to see do these positions, it will not appear the situation make you ugly? This will allow you at the wedding elegance and comfortable.