"Nature has given women so much power that the law has given them little."

But unlike Law, the Insurance sector is a fan of women drivers. It offers lower insurance costs and greater discounts to them. The reason is that a woman drives slowly, carefully and also for shorter distances.

A woman is generally more cautious and she scarcely is a reckless driver. Hardly have we seen a woman drive under influence (don't consider our Hollywood starlets here). Even statistics suggest that less women cause accidents while driving in comparison to their male counterparts. Let's face it GUYS for you - driving is fun, a way to show off, but for a woman it's just plain driving and a way of reaching destination.

When women are safe drivers, it is their right that they get rewarded for their behavior. And their reward - Lesser insurance rates!!!

But all you beautiful and sensible drivers, it doesn't always guarantee that you get lower insurance rates just because of your gender. To avail lower rates it is necessary that you understand what factors the insurance company considers while determining your premium. If you fit their criteria as a safe driver, then say Hello to better discounts.

It is necessary to know that different cars and models have different insurance rates. So make sure you know which car will cost you lesser insurance and buy accordingly.

Below 25 and your insurance rates may be a tad higher as young drivers are considered risky. But you can combat it with a safe driving record and also a formal Driver's Ed Program would be of great help.

Your commute also matter when it comes to insurance. "PAY AS YOU DRIVE" plan will be of benefit to you in case you drive less and don't use your car regularly. Many companies offer discounts if you drive less than the average. So Ladies, if you don't drive frequently, then don't forget to ask for discounts.

If you have installed safety devices in your car or park your car in the garage, mention it to your insurer. The more efforts you show in keeping your car safe, the more reduction you see in your insurance rate.

Follow one rule - keep your insurer updated on everything, you may never know what information can help you lower your insurance costs.

If you get good grades, you should mention it. You will be able to avail good student discount.

Getting married is an important part of your life and it is the same for your insurance company. If you and your husband decide to take a combine policy, then the insurer can offer you discounts. Also, many insurance companies offer lesser insurance rates as married couples drive more responsibly as they are now part of family which counts on them.

If you change your residence, then it is essential that your insurer knows about it. There are many neighborhoods which are considered risky and have higher insurance costs. So when you change your house, the risk intensity also changes and so does your premium.

What's one thing all women enjoy... shopping!!! It is for this reason I know you will love buying insurance. It is just like a shopping experience. Multiple options, bargaining, discounts at all.

And if you are busy, hit the web and avail as many quotes as you want. Compare them and buy the best, like you always do.

Happy shopping Ladies!!!

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