Are you considering giving a gift to a young man? If so, I recommend that you buy him a leather belt. How to select a leather belt? The quality, the pattern and the fastener of a tie decide its value, and you should pay attention to these factors when choosing.

1. Material. The ties that you can see on the market are usually made from pig skin, leather, sheep skin and alligator skin. Ties of different qualities take on a variety of styles due to different processes of tanning and machining. The pig skin and sheep skin feel softer after lamination. Leather gives a feel of strong body, while alligator skin is a luxury choice.

2. Pattern and texture. The pattern and the texture on a leather belt add some charm and features. The pattern of men’s leather belts is closely related to the whole attire. On formal occasions, when a gentleman is finely dressed in suits, the pattern of his leather belt should be in correspondence with the shoes he wears. A black leather girdle with high quality is an indispensible decoration for a confident man. When going with other clothing, the color should also be in harmony with the whole style. The change of tie fashion is to a great extent caused by the fastener. Fasteners of the purest gold are always associated with words such as elegance and nobility. Bronze fasteners, however, let people feel some masculinity and strength exclusive to males. In addition, the shape and size also embodies men’s charm. Wide fasteners fully reflect fortitude of a man, while oval ones show their maturation. Square fasteners stand for taste. The brands of these fasteners also become a symbol of their status, like GOLDLION brings success, and Gucci indicates fine qualities.

3. Some detailed considerations. What’s more, when selecting a leather girdle, there are some details that you should take notice of. Firstly, a tie is well known for being ornamental. So, do not carry too many articles. Masculine traits should be concise, capable and experienced. Secondly, the length of it can not be neglected. The tail end of a fastened tie is supposed to between the first and second belt loops. Thirdly, the width of a tie should be three meters or so. If it is too narrow, then the masculinity will be absent. On the contrary, if it is too wide, it will just be fit for dresses of leisure and jeans styles.There are many famous brands of leather belts, such as Gucci, Calvin klein, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste and Lee. They are a little expensive and as a result the quality is guaranteed. If you have enough money, you can buy one for your male friend.