One of the Omega Seamaster Diver Chronometers – the Planet Ocean – is one of the most famous full automatic mechanical watches. The Planet Ocean is very attractive, as the following features. Firstly, if you are a success man, if you are a famous man, if you want a favor to show your taste, your status, you can choose the Planet Ocean. It is luxurious, noble and elegant, which is the symbol of a modern success man. The crystal surface of the Planet Ocean is made by the 100% of the abrasion-resistant sapphire, which is the best in the world. Therefore, it has the strong abrasion-resistance, even used in a long time, it still looks new. Besides, it also has the feature of strong corrosion-resistance. It has a nice look, which is luxuriant in design; you will hardly tear yourself away from it if you own one. Secondly, the stored energy inside is very strong; It can keep good time even though you have not use it for a long time. Then, as to the quality, except the strong abrasion-resistance and corrosion-resistance mentioned above, it also has a perfect water resistance, shock proof, anti-magnetism and precise time. Because of these features and the high-quality, it always has the honor of being used in the sports events and being the appointed chronometer in Olympic Games, such as in the competitions in Golf, track and field, swimming and sailing boat, etc. As it has the good waterproofness, you don’t need to keep it away from water cautiously; you can keep wear it in the rainy days, even when you have a bath. You can do any sports, no matter how strenuous exercises, and don’t worry about affecting it. As it has so perfect quality, you don’t need to so cautious and keep worries. Finally, the watch matches with an elaborated watchband, which can provide comfortable feelings to the owner. The Swiss Omega Planet Ocean watch is luxurious, high-quality, precise and portable, does it capture you heart?