Like the secret agent momentarily changing his identity in spy's story, the watch could also act multiple identities. Such a watch is called as the changeable gentleman among watches, and is the favorite of many watch lovers. It sometimes plays the role of a solemn commercial watch arranging with the grave business suit, sometimes plays the role of a dress watch harmoniously matching with the beautiful fashionable dress, and sometimes plays the role of an underwater watch accompanying with diver to explore the sea. Many Tudor watches are such changeable gentleman, for example, the Tudor Hydro1200 watch. It could perfectly collocate with different style of clothing, and plays the different role in different occasion.   In office, Tudor Hydro1200 watch is a commercial watch. Male expresses himself through watch which is this person's ID card. As a businessman, he needs a intellectual elegant watch to accompany with him, and this Tudor Hydro1200 watch fully displays the quality which is owned by a businessman: the combination of white stainless steel and black ceramic brings people the well-bedded design appearance, demonstrating the businessman's decision and brilliance; The bold logo on the dial represents the success and nobleness; The incomparable precise timing happens to coincide with canniness of businessman.   In daily life, Tudor Hydro1200 watch is a dress watch. As this watch adopts the popular colors, black and white, it could collocate with any kind of clothing, and does not create any discordance with these fashionable clothing. Since the brand name of watch derived from the most prosperous dynasty in ancient Britain, the Tudor Dynasty, this Tudor watch naturally has the admirable noble temperament which could earn enough respect for its wearer among his fashionable good friends.   Tudor Hydro1200 watch is an excellent underwater watch. The diving is one of the most popular activities nowadays. The water resistant watch is a necessary thing for diver. It is the security guarantee of diver, warning diver the dive time so as to make the diver know the remnant content of oxygen cylinder. The water resistant depth of a watch would decide the diver's submergence depth. When the submergence depth exceeds the water resistant depth, the watch would be damaged. Consequently, many divers always complain dissatisfaction, for they have to stop submerging when they reach to a certain depth as a result of the limited water resistance of watch. Generally speaking, the water resistance of a watch could reach to at most 200 to 300 meter. However, this watch's water resistance is actually up to 1200m. It means that the diver could submerge to the depth of 1200 meter so as to conduct the deep water adventure the to his heart's content. According to common sense, a watch with strong functions must have very high price. But this watch is an exception. It is called as the aristocrat among popularity. The cheap price and the superhard quality allow every person, poor or rich, to own it.