The Nokia E71 is a smartphone from the Nokia E series. Although it has been released for more than two years since 2008, it always sells well. Why? The features of Nokia E71 are as follows: 1.     Design. Its predecessor is Nokia E61. The Nokia E series is bright and deserves some recognition. Traditionally, the E series devices have been very corporate-centric and serious, give people the feeling of solemn. But now, Nokia is updating the line with the introduction of the Nokia E66and Nokia E71, bringing with them a modernized look and a fresh set of features. Nokia E71 adopted metal ultra-thin fuselage design, the body thickness is only 10mm, and it is ranged with a full QWERTY keyboard. 2.     Keyboard. Nokia E71 Optimized mobile email and messaging experience with full Qwerty Keyboard and pocket-size for one-handed typing. The keys are arranged a little salient to meet the need of different size of fingers. 3.     Multi-task operation. You can operate several applications at the same time, and there are two customizable Home Screen views, users can active stand-by plug-ins and application shortcuts, this trait makes people fast and easy switching between two modes. 4.     Camera. Nokia E71 has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash. Consider the coming of 3G Age, it also has front camera for video calls. From the users’ experience, E71’s camera doesn’t get the expected effect, this is a little blemish, but this factor would not have too much influence on E71, people are buying a useful mobile phone but not only a mobile phone camera afterall. 5. E71 is also called the top business mobile phone, its target customs are business person, it of course has GPS inside, it adopts AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System), and it could get more precise positioning information.