Have you ever seen  the coolest watch? If you say yes, now I want to tell you just forget it.  The German designer Sam brings a special forces watches (Special Force Watch), it will be displayed time by the radar scan that will make you become a soldier of the future. Is that cool? Normally, there is nothing in the Special Force Watch it just shows only a gray. When you need to know the time, press the button, scanning will start, the hour, minute and second hands on the radar screen will be detected as an intruder, like the aperture in the form displayed with backlight, its center distance from near to far, so you can read the current time. Moreover, the second hand will make a circular motion on the dial, very fine. In addition, each time of pressing a button, this will automatically scan a circle, and time will continue to light up the aperture a few seconds, easy to read. What’s more there will be three kinds of scanning methods were simulated air radar, underwater sonar, and life detector, in which sonar blue, green for the radar, but the red is the detection of life - well, all the weirdy, are you ready? Get it!