Bulgari Grande Lune is the newest presentation of its Daniel Roth collection. Its appearance soon captures the eyeballs of many watch fans. The name Daniel Roth was once a name brand of watches when the founder, Daniel Roth set up his own watch manufacturing business in 1989 and established the brand’s fame with its fantastic Double Elipse elongated watchcase. The brand was later assumed ownership by Bulgari which made it a collection under Bulgari. That’s how the Bulgari Daniel Roth collection comes into being. Now the collection remains the true to its values of the brand Daniel Roth. This Bulgrai Grande Lune is an excellent example. The Grande Lune features a special case shape, neither round nor oval, with the two side sides showing straight lines while the other two rounding off the case. The dial of this timepiece is special too. It is a two-tone dial, with the upper in white lacquer and the lower part in black satin finished. On the left is the unique three-arm seconds indicator, with each arm covering 20 seconds. Next to the seconds indicator in the upper right is the moonphase in crescent shape, taking the form of a full golden moon against the starry night sky. Lower, between five and six o’clock is the round date indicator. The strip markers finish off the exquisiteness of the magnificent dial.  Powering the Grande Lune is the Daniel Roth Calibre 2300 movement which is hand finished to a delicate standard. The moonphase is extremely accurate for it requires no adjustment for 125 years. Measured in 44mm, the case is in rose gold, joining an alligator strap to present a classic look.  This Grande Lune is indeed a nice example of Bulgari’s fine watch making craftsmanship and innovative spirit.