Aren’t they simply pieces of fascinating jewelry? I myself can’t see any possibility of finding a lady who would say no to such gorgeous timepieces. The sparkling stones, the exquisite craftsmanship, the elegant arrangement and the luxury appeal, can simply drag any lady into the obsession with the watches. Although it is not the first time I’ve seen watches as sumptuous as this one, still, it has managed to wow me. For the SIHH 2011 trade show, the watch brand Piaget has presented to us its new Limelight Garden Party watch for ladies. The glittering timepieces are artfully decorated with a sparkling mosaic of diamonds, which are to make everyone not able to forget.   Without doubt, the superb watch has represented a perfect alliance between high-end jewelry art and refined watchmaking techniques.   The new Piaget watch comes in two versions. Looking almost the same, the two differ with each other on the color of the “leaves” in the “garden” embellishments. You can also see that in the pictures. One is paved with 10 marquise-cut emeralds, which weight totals to 5.2 carats, while the other is illuminated by the play of more neutral marquise-cut diamonds, and the overall weight of these jewels comes to 4.8 carats.     I bet it is every lady’s dream to have watches with such enthralling decoration to light up every passing hours and minutes. Besides, it has got gold hands on an alluring almond-shaped dial, which generously sparkles with 76 diamonds.   The bezel, skillfully incorporated into the structure of the 18-carat white gold case, is also set with a refined stream of white diamonds. Inside it is the engine animating the watch – a Swiss made quartz Piaget 56P movement. The front side of the case is assembled with a high-grade sapphire crystal. Piaget has also equipped this new model with a solid case back. Something else special about this new Piaget is its strap, which is made of satin and terminates in a white gold folding clasp.