Burberry represents a brand family, a fashion imperial, whose design style is obvious and conspicuous, and it is the symbol of pioneer art with unique aesthetics.   This season, Burberry tries to bring us back to the classic 1980s: the bag design shows off mighty atmosphere of that age. Upright model is blended with the design of straight lines, and fluorescent hues combined with materials rich of luster. Indigo blue, malachite green, reddish orange, are shining more brightly in glossy materials. Black gray, gun bronze and other cold colors are exposing high-sounding grace on the patent leather.   No. 1 Burberry rivet bucket bag   Bucket bag has swept the whole fashion field since last year. This rivet bucket bag in white blends weaving, rivet, drilling, straps and other popular elements, thus this style of bucket bag has become new favorite for many fashion-ins. Clean white leather makes the shining round metallic rivet buckles; weaved radiated lines are concerted with weaved handles; seal-capping design of straps bears a little leisure style; the even round holes of bag body and bag cap would produce good air permeability; the soft leather quality just likes a film of skin; and the big holding capacity of this bag can be suitable for carrying various kinds of goods. For these characteristics, Burberry bucket bag can build yourself to be a trendy pioneer.   No. 2 Classic Patterned handbag   This bag uses soft gray color matched with classic grid patterns. The strong classic color with vinatge style is just like a piece of sweet childhood memorry, the bag body in square shape can bring you a big holding volume. Smooth lines, heavy and complicated designing style, the use of buckles, round river decoration on handle and mouth, and fan-shaped tassels on zippers can make this bag unique and outstanding. Furthermore, the bag would be among cheap handbags at discount which is afforable for most of customers.