People around us have the same iPhone 4 with us now, you make no difference with them by owning an iPhone 4.Do you want to be a little different from them? A little change can make your iPhone 4 special. The following descriptions will help you to find the right gadget with your iPhone 4. 1.  Incase Ping Pang Cover. It is made of rubber material and the Incase claimed the Ping Pang Cover is “Inspired by the ping pong paddle’s textured rubberized surface, this lightweight case provides form-fitting protection and flex-fit construction to enhance your penhold or shakehand”, there are four colors to choose: black, green, red and blue. This gadget is fit for the people who love to play Ping Pong, with an application, you can play Ping Pong with your iPhone.   2. Glam Rocka Exclusive -- Jelly Ring Combo Pack. This gadget includes one Crystal Screen Protector in front, one Mirror Screen Protector at back, make your iPhone very noble, there is one Mircofiber Clean Cloth for you to keep the screen of your iPhone 4 clean. With unique pyramid studs design, Glam Rocka Exclusive fits snugly around the edges of your iPhone 4. It is easy access to all controls and ports of your iPhone 4. Glam Rocka Exclusive -- Jelly Ring Combo Pack is divided in to two combo packs:1. Classic Rocka – Rex (Black)/Stardust (White)/Bowie(Red);2 .Hot Rocka – Zolar (Navy)/Kiss (Hot Pink)/Slade (Neon Green). 3. Noel Collection – Metallic Series. This gadget seems smooth, metal texture, anodized plastic case with metallic finishing. There is a transparent logo protection film for your iPhone 4 logo, keeping the scratches and dust away. It is a little solemn, so this gadget is fit for business person because it makes your iPhone 4 in high-grade and different from others. There are four sparking colors: Rouge (Red)/Dark Gold/Aluminium (Silver)/Royal Blue (Blue). 4. Hand Woven Ultra Clear Series. Unlike the Noel Collection – Metallic Series, Hand Woven Ultra Clear Series may appear in casual occasions. It provides shock absorbable and anti-bump ultra protection. Unlike its friable appearance, it is durable and tear-resistant. There are six classic colors: Crystal (Clear)/Charcoal (Black)/Purple/Marine (Blue)/Coral (Sea Blue)/Pink. Choose your favorite one and show your special personality and iPhone 4 to your friend!