Proper matching of necklace and clothing would highlight the ease for you to show your beauty, vigor and vitality. It needs great skills which can achieve the last brilliant painting for your clothes and your whole image. In accordance with the body type, necklaces in different sizes may be suitable for people of different body types. For example, a tall person is more suitable to wear necklace in large size, while others can wear those small ones. That would seem concerted. In some sense, necklace size differs from person to person. Thick neck, necklace size should be larger, and vice versa. The conformity of the style of necklace and clothes should be attached great importance. When wearing classic handmade necklaces, clothes in general type may be chosen to make you relatively simple and stylish. Improper matching of necklace and clothing in different styles may seem odd and reduce the significant decorating function of accessories as well as the original features of clothes. sometimes, different materials and different colors that match will produce different results. A red suit and skirt bedecked in a gold necklace would make you enthusiastic, and you may attend the banquet and other festive occasions in this. While, if you are in a sky-blue polyester georgette dress, and at the same time, wearing a root silver necklace, you will look gentle, cheerful and appealing. If you are wearing a clean white coupled with red beads necklace, you will be more charming and splendid. Hence, the key to match properly is a good collocation of colors which can be achieved according to the fashion trends. The above-mentioned tips are some general ideas about necklace and clothing matching. Certain concrete matching skills for clothes with different collars would be presented then for you to make a good choice. 1 If you wear clothes with high collar, necklaces should be worn outside the clothes in order to play a decorative role. If it is worn inside, it cannot work at all. At the same time, long necklaces are favored here to enhance the beauty of slenderness and liven up the clothing style. 2 Wearing a dress with a large open-collar, you can wear a long necklace or pendant necklace. On the contrary, if it is a relatively smaller open-collar, a shorter one would be better. 3 Short necklaces which can be paralleled with the collar are more suitable for clothes with round collar. If the necklace is too long, it would be covered by the clothes and lose the original beauty. 4 As for clothes with V-type collar, the necklace should not be too long, either. One which can be down to the intermediate part of the neckline is more suitable. 5 It is not proper for you to choose a necklace which is too long or too short while wearing clothes with a small turn-down collar. It is best to have one which can be down over the intermediate place of the collar opening.