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Top 3 mexx women’s sweater necklaces
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By stein-kid stein-kid
Published on 07/27/2011
The craze of chain bags caused by Coco Chanel did not subside over the past few years. On the fashion stages or in the streets, you can find that numerous people are wearing the chain bags. Why do chain bags have such great popularity and seem to hot up again and again? Their irresistible charm designs are the main reason.

Top 3 mexx women’s sweater necklaces

Sweater necklaces have become a fashion topic. It is not enough to have a sweater that is just warm and soft. Whether it is fashionable has been concerned more and more.  The great designers personalize sweaters not only from sweaters themselves, but also from their accessories, for instance, the sweater necklaces which will individualize sweaters and endow them new design concept. Mexx, a worldwide famous fashion brand, was initiated in Voorschoten, Netherland, in 1980.  An extensive range of  fashion apparel and accessories for men, women and kids has been marketed over years. Especially after Mexx was acquired by Liz Claiborne Canada Inc. which holds the world's largest multi-brand apparel, accessories and fragrance companies in 2001, Mexx became more and more professional in this field. Besides fashionable dresses, accessories in various styles from Mexx have become favoured by more and more people. The essence of this personalized sweater necklaces with delicate design is trying to show the female beauty through the natural beauty of the metal . We can grasp this feeling through the fine cute silver flowers and the chain. Metal texture is the most distinctive feature of this necklace. It is also a classical design aiming to reflect the female dignity and nobleness. This bead necklace is reletively simple but delicate decorated. The tiny beads and slim chain are more likely to show the female morbidezza. Getting rid of  the former design style such as  focusing on shackles of precious metal, more rustic rope has been chosen as the main material for sweater necklaces. The material contains a stylish atmosphere. Black silk with silver lace may create you a very casual but fashionable feeling. Differently from the previous single metal texture, this pair of necklace is to increase the refined beauty through natural elements. Though it is just compiled a bunch of black cloth and silver rope, it also highlights the ease into elegance and nobleness.