Salvatore Ferragamo is a reputed brand which was established in Italy in the 1900s. The brand names after the great designer, Salvatore Ferragamo. He began to pursue his own business in the 1910s and moved to America later. Many superstars in Hollywood liked to wear the dresses and shoes he designed. Of course, these works are of unique features and individualities. He almost dominated the whole fashion world for a certain period. Salvatore Ferragamo, the creator, was born in the city Bonito, Italy in 1898. When he was nine, he made the first pair of shoes all by himself. Fortunately, these shoes were appreciated by his sisters. In addition, he felt that he often had the particular inspiration for shoes. Therefore, in order to make his dream come true, he started to learn how to make shoes in Naples and operated a tiny shoe shop in his parents’ house. And in 1914, he left for Boston and did some odd jobs in a boot factory with his brothers.   After that, he moved to California with his brothers and then to Hollywood in which he succeeded. He opened a shop for repairing and making the custom-designed shoes. This small shop got many notables’ attention promptly. That is why his shoes were spotted in public very soon. Since then, he left for Florence and began to make shoes especially for the peeress. And then he started his own factory to make his designs into practices and applied for the patent for his products. Among his numerous works, the most popular one is the “Cage Heel”. He was the superstar in the footwear fashion world, and many designers learnt from him, because usually his designs were very fascinating. Thus, many people believed that he was the top gun in footwear fashion field.