For those who travel a lot, a proper luggage can be of great importance. Which kind of luggage should one choose to carry all the essentials for the trip? Do you know how many types of luggage are available in the market? Are you familiar with each type of luggage? Below, some types of luggage are introduced to you.   Backpacks can have or not have frames, and some even have wheels to bring more ease. Some backpacks also have padded straps which can avoid the strain caused by a heavy load. Backpacks are the best choice for mountain climbers because they can let them spare two hands to climb the mutation.   Duffel bags are cylindrical bags with a top closure. With thick fabric materials, duffel bags last long and those made from genuine leather are among the most favored. Some duffel bags have retractable handles or wheels that can make them more convenient to use. Besides, they can be squeezed into the overhead compartments to save you from baggage fees. Soft sided suitcases are expandable so that they can provide more storage space for your clothes or other stuff you need in the trip. However, you should consider their materials to make sure that thay are made from materials that can withstand the beating of frequent travels. Hard sided suitcases are not expandable and they are especially useful when you need to bring some fragile items with you. By the way, check the materials of those suitcases to ensure their durability. From what has been mentioned above, you may already get familiar with those types of luggage and I hope that they can be of some help when you plan to choose a luggage for your trip.