Scarves are not only used by people for keeping warm, but also for decorating themselves. Once it was believed that scarves are for women only, but now, as time goes, we can see that they have become a wonderful adornment for men. And according to the fashion trends, it is not enough for men to make some simple knots and hide it inside the coat to keep warm. To make a proper and trendy match of the scarves are really essential for men to be stylish. Two aspects should be taken into consideration to achieve this purpose. One is color and the other is style. Maybe the color would send people some direct visualized feeling about your whole outfit at their first sight. So it comes to be the first question to match scarf color with your overall outfit. Here are three tips for you to get a good match between your scarf and outfit. The first rule you should bear in mind is the adjacent color rule, that is, yellow or blue scarves for deep green dresses, orange scarves for red outfits, and salmon pink scarves for yellow coats. You can also match up color similarities to show your personal style. Concretely speaking, if you are in red, you’d better choose an amber yellow scarf. And a camel scarf would work nicely with brown outfits. Similarly, if you are wearing black dresses, a gray scarf would be a suitable choice. Finally, you can match the colors of your scarf and outfit to show contrast between one another. A pure white or milk white scarf would be strikingly charming if you are in red or black; if your suits are gray, a golden yellow or camel scarf would a perfect match for it. Besides the color matching, the style of your scarf is also important for your overall image. Here, the author will recommend some styles for you to make a perfect match. As for young men, you can choose a long knitted scarf to match your coat by wrapping it around the neck. This would create you a handsome and intelligent image and a kind of warm feeling. A long scarf would be many men’s choice and love, and there are various kinds of ways to wear it. If you are in a collarless outfit, you can choose the usual but stylish way. Wrap it around your neck with one end in the front and the other hanging at the back. This match would make you look handsome, keen-witted and capable. If you are going to achieve a casual style with your scarf, it is not hard. A scarf in a solid color can go well with your long coat if it is long enough to your knees. It will make you cool and fashionable. You can put the scarf on the shoulder randomly as you like. This match will show your fantastic and extraordinary feature perfectly.The author strongly advise you to use the best -Bally Leather Shoes less provided by reliable company.