We went across the romantic, went across the passionate summer, went across the harvest autumn, then, we walked into the cold winter. While the Christmas and the new year of 2011 came on the neck of another. Instead of the cold and clam air, the atmosphere becomes happy and sweet. At the time of festival, we bid farewell to the old year, yearn for the past and plaint that time always slims us by when we ignore it, at the same time, we celebrate the start of the new year filled with joy, and look forward to the bright future. The beautiful life should be expectant and full of gratitude. While you are celebrating the new year of 2011, you must think of changing your image by adding some new clothes, or new small items, such as watches! How to change into a new fashionable image? Which watch to choose?   Here are some recommendations of watches to build your new fashionable image. The first watch has a dual purpose which suitable for both commercial use and sport leisure use. The design is minimalist and witty, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable with it around your wrist. The motivation stores can last 60 hours. The leather of watch bands are made of alligator which are all raised by humans and it is sturdy and non-corrodible. It has 18K rose gold watch case, sapphire crystal windows and it is shock resistant, diamagnetic and waterproof.   The second watch is precise as quartz watch. You can create and store energy by waving your arms, so you needn’t to change battery for the watch. The greatest feature of this watch is that it has auto relay function. When the watch is still it casts into the energy-saving state automatically. The watch pointer will stop working and casts into energy saving state, but it keeps measuring time all the time. The watch pointer can be activated by waving it and it will display the current time for you. It is effective at any time within four years.