Throughout the history of fashion, last 70s can be said to open the door of civilian fashion. In the spring and summer of 2011, the trend of civilian fashion comes back. Fashion has always been “from people and give back to people”. Last 70s opened the door of civilian fashion: the development of hippy movement gave birth to “anti - fashion” wave - the middle class young people who abandoned the luxurious dresses but to pursue freedom and liberation, they like to wear rustic “country girl uniform”, casual Bohemia skirt, rebellious bell - bottoms, and the whim of neutral clothings. All these announce the departure of main stream of the society. Civilian fashion comes in an unexpected way and it has a great impact on the history of fashion development. Ferragamo Gypsy skirt series the perfect combination of prairie and Bohemian elements of Anna Sui Fendi sexy  “country girl” Fendi retro accessories in 2011 spring and summer Fendi retro accessories Marc Jacobs punk “country gril” Exaggerated flower accessories are Marc Jacobs' major feature of spring and summerseries Salvatore Ferragamo neutral set series of spring and summer neutral set with cotton canvas, show the free and easy temperment